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Non-Motorized Count Assurance Tool


NM COAST is a web application developed to enhance the North Carolina Non-Motorized Volume Data Program (NC NMVDP) by centralizing and digitizing many of its core processes. Through centralization and digitization, NMVDP processes are more easily implemented, monitored, and maintained. Information sharing between processes is also significantly enhanced.

This page is a step-by-step explanation of how the NM COAST assists with data monitoring, maintenance, and validation processes. In the following graphic, processes aided by the NM COAST are marked with NM COAST logo.

Flow chart of all NMCDP data monitoring, maintenance, and validation processes

Weekly visual inspection of raw data transmitted by counters

Each week, the NM COAST imports a week's worth of recent count data to its central database using Eco-Visio's API. Analysts are able to explore this new data alongside older data using the Data Audit Tool. Users are also able to view Counter Statuses to learn if a counter appears functional, needs further review, or requires maintenance.

Counter is flagged as malfunctioning based on data review

Count data is subjected to various checks that flag data as needing review or as recommended to be rejected. These flags are visualized on various graphs within the Data Audit Tool. For data flagged as needing review, an analyst is able to either accept data and keep the count data in the dataset or reject data and tag the day of count data as invalid. An analyst is also able to override any recommendations to reject data or propose similar recommendations for any data that the automatic flagging may have missed. These flags form the foundation for generating the Counter Status Report.

Local agency is notified about malfunctioning counter via email

Upcoming features will allow the NM COAST to generate and send emails to local agencies documenting malfunctioning counters. These emailed reports can contain visualizations that indicate how a counter is malfunctioning, guidance on what possible counter malfunctions are present, and a summary of recommended future actions.

Local agency visits counter in the field to troubleshoot

Upcoming features will provide local agency staff a step-by-step field visit guide and maintenance reporting tool. Data submitted through the reporting tool by the local agency will be entered into the NM COAST's central database, allowing details to be securely recorded and made accessible to other NM COAST services.

Counter is uninstalled by local agency and is shipped to Eco-Counter

Upcoming features will provide the local agency with the ability to intuitively record their actions related to counter removal and shipping within the NM COAST's central database.

Validation data are processed

Upcoming features will allow for validation data to be entered and stored within the NM COAST's central database. This data will then be used by the NM COAST when creating corrected data reports.

Local agency is notified that additional troubleshooting is needed

Not yet implemented features will allow the NM COAST to generate and send emails to local agencies documenting additional troubleshooting needs.