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Non-Motorized Count Assurance Tool

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The Non-Motorized Count Assurance Tool (NM COAST) is a web application developed to enhance the North Carolina Non-Motorized Volume Data Program (NC NMVDP) by centralizing and digitizing many of its core processes. This page documents the NM COAST's library of functions and features.

NM COAST and NMVDP Overview

NM COAST was developed to enhance the North Carolina Non-Motorized Volume Data Program (NC NMVDP). This page reviews the processes related to data monitoring, maintenance, and validation within the NC NMVDP and highlights how NM COAST modules integrates with them.

NM COAST Modules

This page provides documentation about how each NM COAST module functions and is used.

NM COAST Count Data & Record Elements API

The data that the NM COAST modules use is stored in a central database. An Application Programming Interface (API) was developed to access this data. This page provides detailed documentation about how to form queries using the API to access either count data or information about the many record elements (e.g. counters and sensors) that are part of the NMVDP. While currently restricted to in-house calls, this API could be expanded to provide community access to North Carolina bicycle and pedestrian count data.

NM COAST Data Flagging Checks

A key feature of the NM COAST is its ability to routinely audit count data that are recorded and transmitted by the counters in the NC NMVDP. The NM COAST applies various checks in order to flag suspicious data that may be the result of equipment malfunction on all data pulled into the system. These checks have two levels of flagging severity and these flags are used in many different modules. This page provides documentation about the different flagging checks that are currently in use.